English assignment ”Cool Runnings”

You will answer all the questions on the worksheet and hand in your text/or email your text to me on Friday, March the 15th. Due to a limitation of time and other examinations coming up, you will need to work at home as well. If in any case you are not able to complete the task on Friday the 15th, you will be given extended time so that you can use the week-end also to finish. Thus, your text should be emailed/or handed in to me latest on Monday the 18th.

The text should be computertyped, written in Times New Roman, size 12.
Maximum: 2 pages
Minimum: 1 page

Good luck!


Muntlig projekt Franska 9: ”Alors Demande” v. 11

START: v. 7 torsdag- v. 8 torsdag
Under dessa 3 lektioner väljer ni tema, förbereder roller samt skriver ihop scenarios och repliker.  ALLA ansvarar för sina egna repliker, d v s både när du är reporter och ställer frågor, samt när du blir intervjuad och svarar på frågor. Uppgiften bedöms individuellt!

v. 9 LOV
v. 10 Filma samtliga scener och gör klart filmen
v. 11 Filmen lämnas in, samt redovisas på en franskalektion


Muntlig projekt åk. 9

muntlig uppgift vt18 alors demande


Presentation this Friday (8/2): English Speaking Countries

Dear class,

Keep in mind that your presentation on the English Speaking Countries will take place this Friday during English class. Those of you who have not taken time to prepare during the two weeks of prao, will be given the chance to present some time further on during springterm. However, your presentation will not be for the class but for me only. I will thus let you know when you may present your groupwork. This is due to the lack of time and that we need to move on with the next task.