English assignment January the 18th

The task is to write a text about the following:

If you had the finance/ money, could be anywhere in the world and do anything

  1. Where would you be?
  2. What would you do?
  3. Why?

Share your thoughts and emotions. Try explaining by giving examples on different scenarios/situations which might occur.

You have 4 lessons to acoomplish the task. Your text should be 1 page computertyped (Times New Roman size 12), and handed in on Friday the 18th of January.

Good luck!

Översiktskalender Vårterminen 2019

v. 2 (10-11/1)


Fredag: NO 9.20 Helklass

v. 3 (14-18/1)

Måndag: Livräddningsdag Eriksdalsbadet


Onsdag: Utvecklingssamtal

Torsdag: Utvecklingssamtal

Fredag: Besöka skolsköterskan (de elever som praoar inom vård mm).

v. 4-5 PRAO

v. 6

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