Engelska: Instruktioner för redovisning


Om någon inte fått instruktionerna till uppgiften som ska redovisas nästa vecka så finns de här:

Get to know your star sign
Whether we believe that star signs have any actual impact on our personalities or not, it is fun to know what our signs are supposed to represent. Capricorns are supposed to be disciplined and ambitious and Tauruses are, according to astrology, reliable and patient but also possessive and unable to compromise.

I want you to make a short five minute presentation about your star sign, where you also say if you identify with any of the positive and negative qualities that your sign is supposed to have according to astrology. You can work in groups with other students who have the same star sign as you. Search online for pages in English with information about your sign, and be ready to present it by the next lesson in “half class”.