Presentation this Friday (8/2): English Speaking Countries

Dear class,

Keep in mind that your presentation on the English Speaking Countries will take place this Friday during English class. Those of you who have not taken time to prepare during the two weeks of prao, will be given the chance to present some time further on during springterm. However, your presentation will not be for the class but for me only. I will thus let you know when you may present your groupwork. This is due to the lack of time and that we need to move on with the next task.


English examination week. 46 Listening and Reading Comprehension

Listening Comprehension: Tuesday and Wednesday

Reading Comprehension: Friday

Since we have been Reading alot during English class, the main focus before the examinations will therefore be on listening.

You can practice at home by listening to the news in English, differents songs and its lyrics, watch series or films mainly in English with English subtitles or entirely without.

Sites:, Netflix, Youtube