8A timeline for podcast project


Here are the lessons and lesson objectives for the podcast Project.
Your homework for this period of time is to make sure that you are on track with your podcast.  If one of you is away or you don’t reach the lesson objective in class then you’ll need to complete at home so you’re on track for the next lesson.

You can Always come to extra English with me on Thursdays 15:50 in 105 if you need help to Catch up.

Monday 1st April: choose your country. Decide what kind of podcast you’re making and who your audience is. Choose your three main stories and start writing the introduction.

Monday 8th April: Write your first story

Monday 28th April: Write your second story

Monday 6th May: Write your third story

Monday 13th May: Check through the whole piece and practice it/record it ready to show to the half class

Monday 20th May: Show time:-)